Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Facts About Freedom Academy's Expansion on Site

*  Freedom Academy has permission from the State to expand on site.  They do not need the neighbors' permission, the mayor's permission or even a building permit to move forward.

*  The mayor and his office are opposed.  One city councilman has signed our petition so far.

*  Currently, there are 675 students housed at the K-8 school at Freedom Academy.  The high school would add 400 more plus additional administration, faculty and staff.

*  There could be as many as 200 teenagers old enough to drive housed on campus.

*  The Freedom Academy Governing Board has been meeting at least monthly to discuss and make decisions about the school.  No minutes have been posted on their site since the minutes were posted from a meeting held on June 24, 2011.  (Edited 5/5/12 to add:  minutes from meetings held from January to March have now been added to the site.  There are still missing minutes from all meetings held between June 24, 2011 and November 29, 2011)

*  Currently, Freedom Academy is in negotiations with a builder to build on-site.  In order to move forward with any contract negotiated, the Governing Board would need at least six of their seven members to approve it.


  1. This is not an official website of Freedom Academy, but this information is not made clear.

    Can you please post that here and on your Facebook page(s) and any other locations? Would you please also state and clarify your position (and the authors' position(s)) concerning the expansion so that readers can be informed?

    This is good information. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you.

  2. Sure, Robert. I will do that right now.


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