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Comments Parents Have About The Decision to Move Forward with the High School On Site

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I feel there are too many risks to elementary children being housed with High School students. I would pull my children out of Freedom Academy if this were the decision.  ~ Shane Frey

Do not do this.
I think the high school expansion is a mistake to begin with. But I did not really say anything. Now I am putting my foot down.
While I realize most of the students attending are and will continue to be upstanding, it only takes one bad apple to expose my innocent little girls to things from which we try to protect them.
The reasons stated are the reasons public schools do not locate k-12 on the same grounds.
This should not be a decision driven by economics.
Think back to your high school experience and just about what happened in the parking lot. Never mind the hallways. I saw enough crime and sexual activity after school hours to justify killing the idea of k-12 on the same grounds.
You will lose the quality students you currently have if you pursue putting k-12 on the same site. I know, because mine will be taken to a more safe, secure public school. And mine will not be the only students leaving. ~ Eric Jorgensen

Not only do I feel it is Unsafe as well as inappropriate, but putting the high school on the current sight will also take away much needed green space from the elementary grades. Not to mention the money the high school will be taking from the younger grades to build the facility. In the current economy with so many budget cuts we have already had to cut back on specialties, janitorial services and staff. How can you justify taking more money for a high school that truly is not even needed. Also, for the record Mayor Curtis is not in favor of the high school and was Mis quoted at the meeting as being in support of.  ~ Andrea Perri

I really do NOT want the high school built on the current land. While I support a high school, it shouldn't be in the same place. There are far too many issues. I'd rather there be no high school than to have it be on the same land. The reasons listed on this petition summarize the issues well. ~ Mindy Gertler

The expansion only serves to financially jeopardized the K-8 school, the children, and FA's reputation. ~ Monica Critchlow

Having attended an elementary school that was very close to a large Junior High (7-9) myself, I experienced exposure to: illegal drug use, foul language, prostitution, and other sexual issues at a very young age. I have grave concerns about sending my children to a school where older teenagers also attend.  ~ Emily Jorgensen

I am not opposed to having a high school, but I do not believe it is wise having it at the same location as the elementary school for the exact reasons stated in this petition. My family lives in this neighborhood and has two children that attend the elementary school. ~ Laura Kyte

Last Friday as I volunteered for the walkathon, I walked the area which would need to be used for a high school. There is simply not space for a high school and a activity field for the number of students currently attending Freedom. Studies have shown students with physical outlets during the day perform better scholastically in the classroom.
A high school needs it's own space and it's own culture which is not congruent with the needs of K-6 or K-8 or 9. I don't believe the two groups can be successfully served crammed into a small area on basically a dead end street.
A high school needs it's own leadership, it's own board, it's own space. This is why I chose not to have my 7th grader continue at Freedom. I also feel students need a variety of experiences to be able to successfully navigate an adult world. A high school on the same small property as an elementary school is too protective of an environment for a high school.
Freedom is a very successful K-9. Please do not stretch it's capabilities, blur it's culture so it is no longer successful, or more than double with students driving the traffic nightmare that already exists. I want my children to enjoy attending Freedom
(and they do!) for 4-5 years. It has been a blessing in our lives. ~ Janet Low

It makes no sense to build the HS on the current property. I'm opposed for all of the reasons listed in this petition. I do not want to send my kids to a school with property crowding issues. Please reverse your decision to go forward with finding a builder. ~ BJ Nielsen

This is a deal breaker for us, and we will pull our children and put them elsewhere if the expansion occurs on the current site. I am a teacher and my husband is a therapist. We both specialize in troubled youth and think it would be unwise to group the high school kids in such close proximity, even if the grounds could support the growth (which they cannot!) Expansion is a fine idea, but it would be foolish to assume that squeezing a high school into the current location would be beneficial to anyone. Really, let us not be hasty. Do some homework and get the facts straight before we throw money out the window. ~ Elicia Gray
Are you a parent at the school?  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.  Or email the Governing Board directly at


  1. I would like to make a suggestion which I will also make with the governing board. I feel our best chance for resolving this issue positively would be to bring in an experienced mediator. This neutral third party could help all sides break through the barriers and come up with a better solution. I would be more than willing to help cover the cost. What do you think?

  2. Wow, that's really generous of you to offer! Thank you. I think at this point, however, a mediator is premature. Usually, a mediator is brought in when two parties are at an impasse after there's been prolonged discussion with no solutions reached. Since the neighborhood and parents have only been involved in discussion about expanding on site since last Wednesday, it would probably be best to allow the normal channels their chance to work first.

  3. I wasn't being that generous, I only meant if I pitch in ehat I can and everyone else does as well, then cost wouldn't be an issue. Hopefully this can be resolved sooner, but it just looks like it's getting more entrenched and when it ends, it will be one side wins, one side loses or more likely, everyone loses something important. It would be better if there were some better forum for positive dialog among all those concerned. Hopefully we can all communicate without the help, I just don't see signs of that yet.

  4. Well Done neighbors!@!@

    Upon bringing my children to school today my children started to read the nice signs that were placed in yards all along our way. After a few moments the kids started screaming to turn the car around and take them home. They are afraid that the neighbors were coming to attack them. You have now successfully put "FEAR" in to my innocent children's lives! You all should be very proud of your accomplishments. Perhaps the current political administration in Washington DC has jobs for each of you as you now are experts at fear mongering! I hope each of you can go to work today without fear - I hope each of you can be at home without fear. But know this MY CHILDREN CANNOT GO TO SCHOOL WITHOUT BEING AFRAID OF THE NEIGHBORS! Thank you for you thoughtfulness.

    1. What a great opportunity we have to explain both sides of the situation to our children. It's a great chance to explain the wonderful freedoms we have in the country.


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